The Aldgate Partnership

Aldgate Business Resilience Webinars

The Aldgate Connect BID is hosting a series of Webinars, discussing the impacts of the pandemic on Aldgate and the ways of moving towards recovery:

1.Creating Culture and a Sense of Place
When? 22nd October 2020, 2:00–3:00pm
Where? Online
About? Aldgate has a strong and diverse culture offer with art galleries, community festivals, museums, and restaurants providing cuisine from around the world, plus much more. How will this continue to shape Aldgate as a place post COVID-19? What has the sector been doing since lockdown and what are its plans for the future? How important is localism and how can it help to bring back tourists?
Please join us in discussion led by local experts to discover their view on how to create culture and a sense of place in Aldgate.

2.Countdown to Aldgate’s Winter Festivities – What’s on throughout Decemver?
When? w/c 1st December 2020
Where? Online
About? Every year Aldgate hosts a community festival bringing together residents, businesses and people from across London to celebrate the build up to Christmas and many of the other religious festivals taking place in December. This year there will be a celebration of the essence of community: exploring themes including ‘light, hope, nature’.
Join our webinar to discover what the plans are for this year’s festival in what has been the most challenging year for everyone, as our panellists discuss how important the festival is in celebrating what Aldgate has to offer, how businesses are contributing and also the opportunities it presents, despite the COVID pandemic.

3.Discover the Plans of Aldgate BID for 2021
When? w/c 11th January 2021
Where? Online
About? As a new BID created at the beginning of lockdown 2020 the team have been busy ensuring that businesses and the community have been able to receive the support they needed to survive, prosper and build a stronger sense of place.
Join our webinar/ Watch our video, to meet the people behind the BID and discover what their plans are for 2021 as we hopefully move out of the pandemic and look towards the future for Aldgate as a centre for business and a community hub.

Information regarding the speakers will be updated in due course. More sessions are to be announced. To keep up to date on the BID’s news and activities, click here to sign up to our newsletter.

Please see links below to replay our past webinars on our YouTube page:

1. Getting Aldgate Back to Business
CLICK HERE to replay the webinar online.
When? 10th September 2020 at 2:00-3:00pm
Where? Online
About? As the lockdown eases and businesses adjust to the ‘new normal’, what support is there to help Aldgate businesses? How can Aldgate ensure that employees are welcomed back and feel safe to do so? How can employees and residents be encouraged back into shops and restaurants to help the local economy thrive?

2. Building Stronger Communities
CLICK HERE to replay the webinar online.
When? 23rd September 2020, 2:00-3:00pm
Where? Online
About? Localism is now a driving force for many areas as people remain close to home in the ‘new normal’, how has Aldgate harnessed this? What support has the area provided to its residents, businesses and employees during the lockdown and how will this continue into the future? What makes the Aldgate community unique?
Please join us and a panel of local experts to find out more on building a stronger communities in Aldgate.