The Aldgate Partnership


Locations that cross or share an administrative boundary frequently suffer either from neglect or, as in Aldgate’s case, duplication of effort as planning authorities have tended to promote change in an uncoordinated and ad hoc manner.

Symptomatic of the administrative divide at Aldgate, between the City and Tower Hamlets, has been the apparent mirroring of stakeholder groups and consultation mechanisms.  Since 2010, the City of London Corporation has convened the Aldgate Discussion Group as a forum of local businesses, primarily for consulting them on its plans to enhance Aldgate, but with the objective of establishing a consultative mechanism for the wider, cross-border area.  Meanwhile, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been convening the Aldgate Stakeholder Group[4], bringing together businesses along with public and voluntary sector partners, as well as representatives of the local community, to influence and shape the Borough’s regeneration plans for the area.

[4] LBTH also convenes the Aldgate Masterplan Implementation Group