The Aldgate Partnership

Trusted PPE Providers

We know that trusting suppliers with bulk purchasing can be a leap of faith and when it comes to the safety and security of staff, quality is paramount. We have collated a list of PPE providers that have been verified by various members of the business community in Aldgate.

Face shields, sanitisation stands and signage by Scotia

The face shields are priced at £4.00 each for 200+ or £3.00 each for 500+ or £2.50 each for 1,000+
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Signage is subject to volume and size, however for example, the price for 100 FLOOR SIGNS (with anti slip laminate) at a size of 400mm diameter would be approx £12.00 each
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The sanitising stands, with branding, are priced at £275.00 each for 10 units and would decrease for larger quantities
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Purchased and verified by LCH, Aldgate House
Scotia is offering discounts to Aldgate businesses.
Please email or call:
Phil Aldred, Director
Scotia Binding Supplies Ltd
T: 01322 351 111
M: 07989 469 345