The Aldgate Partnership

The Team

The BID is made up of all the business members. From these, business and community representatives have choosen to voluntarily sit on a BID Board and BID Steering Groups. 

These are forums and groups that steer and decide on the direction of the BID in accordance with the Business Plan. The recovery response to Covid 19 is constantly being looked at while things are ever evolving and we understand what is needed most.

There is also a Property Owners Group which gives the Property sector strategic influence into the BID’s initiatives and programmes.

Underpinning the Steering Groups and the Board is an executive team that administrate the BID’s activities with members.

If you have any questions about the BID and want to get in touch please call or email  Zoe Barwick

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We are currently recruiting for Steering Group members to create real value as we go forward and embrace the Covid-19 recovery.